Staying in Nepal for 30 days, whose summit is 8,848 meters, the roof of the world, Everest and the Himalayan mountains, made us leave half of our hearts there. Our aim was not to see the mountain, nature or the squares and return, but to get to know their people, cultures and beliefs. Since we have our 4.5-year-old son Atlas with us, we kept our number of days too high for Nepal.
The cities we visited in Nepal are Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, Bharatpur (Chitwan National Park), Pokhara, Sarangkot. Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha. Since the temperature increased a lot in Lumbini in the summer, we went directly from Chitwan to Pokhara without stopping there.
We came from Pokhara to Kathmandu in 200 km and 10 hours. When the roads are single-rounded and bend, when a truck breaks down in your lane, hundreds of vehicles accumulate behind it. There is no fuss or anger in anyone, even if you have to wait for hours. We went between Kathmandu and Chitwan in 150 km and 7 hours. If you come across the suspension bus, you are lucky because we jumped to Chitwan as if on a horse.
Chitwan National Park became one of the places that we say thankfully we went. A place in Nepal where we have memories that will never be forgotten and we are a little scared of. If you decide to go to Chitwan, your adventure will definitely begin as soon as you get on the bus. Go instead of thinking for Chitwan. You will see many tour companies in Thamel. We took 2 nights and 3 days tour from Nepal Promote Treks and the name of the place where we stay is Chitwan Forest Resort.
If you are thinking of going to places like Pokhara, Bandipur or Chitwan from Kathmandu towards the west of the country, there is only one way, you will always pass the same roads. The roads are a little dangerous and unsafe. Since the habitats of the Bengay Tigers, which are endangered in Chitwan National Park, are located in the inner parts of the national park, it is not possible to encounter them on forest walks and elephant safaris. You can come across rhinos in front of their house. There are crocodiles in the rivers. They are very respectful to animals. We came by taxi from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot. The roads are badly damaged. We had booked Hotel Greenland Nagarkot, including breakfast from Booking. The view of the room we stayed was very beautiful. We enjoyed doing it on his balcony, but it wasn't too long. We escaped from the fatigue of the day and the coolness of the night in Nagarkot. We walked around until dinner. You are walking the mountain roads. Trees, crickets, the people of the village, the beautiful weather. Since the slopes are tiring, we recommend that you stay ahead of the entrance. The Nagarcot is a place where you can see the valleys from above. Even though the valleys were open in the evening, there were clouds over the himalayas. We decided to use our luck around 6 am. We waited for it to stop as the rain was heavy. We went for a walk around 9 in the morning. We started walking towards the Nagarkot Panoramic Climbing Route from where we left off. After walking for about 1 hour, the Himalayan mountain peaks were still absent. On the way back, the clouds cleared for a moment. While we were looking for the Himalayan peaks at our eye level, the 7234 meters tall Langtang Himali was actually greeting us from above. Langtang forms the border between Kathmandu Valley and Tibet. Our walk took more than 2 hours. We left Nagarkot very happy to see the Langtang Himalaya.
One note I want to make is about our visit to Patan, you can read it in more detail on our site. A family living in a 3-storey house in Patan Lalitpur volunteers 11 children, and this place is known as the Holy Spirit Child Protection Institution, which we visited twice. In our first visit, the gifts given by volunteers who help the people of Turkey, we distribute all these beautiful children. In our second visit, we established an electronic circuit with Arduino, which we brought with us with the excitement of the teaching, and we taught them together with basic electronic circuit elements. If you are planning to visit Nepal, make sure to stop by these children. We are waiting for your messages for communication. For more detailed Nepal story, you can visit our site

Local Guide

Himalayan Java Coffee is one of the famous places where you can have coffee / tea in Nepal.
If you like Chinese food, my favorite that you can taste in many places and which is a kind of vegetable Noodle
You will love Chow mein too.
You can see Yomari, a kind of local dumpling, while visiting Patan. There are varieties of Yomari. The two types of Yomari dessert, black and white, vary according to their internal ingredients. Our favorite was the white Yomari.
You can taste Yak meat, goat meat and buffalo meat, which we try and even make meatballs from buffalo meat.
There are 3 important cities in the Kathmandu Valley. These are capital Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. There are squares in these cities where you can see the palaces of royal families. Entrance to these squares is $ 10 for foreigners.
Places to see according to destinations,
In the city of Kathmandu, I recommend you to visit the Swyambhunath (monkey) temple because of the abundance of monkeys, which we paid 300 rupees at the entrance and named the temple, after going out with our 4.5-year-old son Atlas in the rain without feeling lazy about 360 steps. In Patan, Durbar Square - Royal square, especially Patan Museum
In the historical town of Bhaktapur, Durbar Square - Royal Square, Taumadhi Square, Pottery Square
Elephant and forest safari and canoeing in Chitwan invite you to explore and adventure.
Watching the views of the Himalayan mountains with the Nagarkot Himalayan mountain hiking, you feel why you are in Nepal.


Nepal's currency is Nepalese Rupee.
The air of Kathmandu is not very clean, those who have difficulty to breathe do not walk around without wearing a mask and do not take a taxi / bus. You feel the air pollution in your throat and there is a constant spitting feeling, as we often see in Kathmandu.
By the way, there are no traffic lights in Nepal. There are traffic police at important intersections. Sometimes the police can keep you waiting for 10-15 minutes.
Mo-Mo is one of the top local dishes you will see everywhere in Nepal. It looks like our ravioli but bigger. There are meat, vegetables, chicken and boiled and fried options. Although the price varies according to the variety you choose, it is a meal you can eat between $ 1-3 on average depending on the places.
One of their traditional dishes is Dal - Bhat. A dish they eat by mixing boiled rice, lentil soup and spicy vegetables into a plate. Food is spicy in Nepal. Even if you say it painless, it feels a little painful.
Tea with milk is important in their culture. Just as we have Turkish coffee in the incidents of asking for girls, they also have a chat for tea. When asked if you would like tea, they ask if it is milk or not.
You can taste yak meat, goat meat and buffalo meat. We ate all of them. We even made meatballs from buffalo meat.
Nepal T-shirts, children's books about yak animals, incense, Himalayan salts, local clothes, Himalayan posters, magnets, masala and ilam tea are among other souvenirs to buy.

Tips and Tricks

All trip plans depend on the rain. Watch out for monsoon rains. Rainfall does not stop at around 4 and 5 pm for 2-3 hours and until morning all night long. If it rains for a week, it is open for a week. When you go out, it is good to have an umbrella with you even if the weather is clear. We had to buy long raincoats from Kathmandu.
We have a difference of 2 hours and 40 minutes with Nepal. Turkey at this time showed changes while the former winter and summer time. In some sources, it is written as 3 hours and 40 minutes, but our time does not change anymore.
You get your visa for Nepal from the airport. You pay $ 25 for 15 days, $ 40 for 30 days. We got a visa for $ 40 per person. We entered a separate box office for Atlas and did not pay any fees. Free for children under 6 years old.
Holidays in Nepal are Friday after lunch and all day Saturday. Sunday is the first day of the week. Schools do not have summer holidays. They only have a 15-day holiday in winter throughout the year.
If you intend to see the Himalayas, it is very difficult to see it in summer. Since we went in the summer, we could only see it from a distance once in the early morning for 5 minutes. There are always clusters of clouds in front of the mountains. Autumn and spring months are very suitable months for trekking in the Himalayas.
The water is not very clean, I recommend ready-made drinking water. Use ready-made water when brushing your teeth. Their prices are around 1.5 liter 40 rupees, 1 liter 25-30 rupees.
When you order food, it is normal to wait at least half an hour. Meals are prepared after ordering. Once we sang vegetable rice and chow mein. First they bought the materials and came.
Although Kathmadu Thamel and Patan seems to be only 6 km short, we arrived in 1 hour due to the incredibly heavy traffic with the taxi we paid 700 rupees, and on our next trip, we reached 30 rupees in 1.5 hours with a minibus.
In Nepal, where Hinduism and Buddhism are active, there is a traditional and four-layer system with strict rules called caste. The owners of the hostel we stayed were friendly and sincere close friends. We thought of serving them by making Turkish meals one evening and prepared a tasting plate for the Nepali staff at the reception from the delicious meatballs we made from buffalo meat, but the owners of the hostel said that it is forbidden to eat meat according to the caste system. As a result, our meatball offer that we understand did not work and they do not buy according to the caste system even if you want.

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