Calm air and tranquil sea! When I opened the zipper of the tent, I came to myself with fresh air. A bag of delicious black grapes I bought yesterday next to ferry port from an island woman revived the energy.
Around 11 am on Saturday, I arrived at the beach a little early for the Runtheislandbozcaada swimming race. After the briefing, where they first explained the route and the rules, and then other preparations for the competition, the time of the competition was approaching on the beach of Ayazma.
The fine golden yellow sands, the deep blue Aegean Sea stretching just below the beach, on the south side of Bozcaada, and also in September, a calm weather, the sea promised everything for swimming. I came here about 10 years ago with Zirve Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Club for exploration and camping purposes, always come again in my memories! I heard your call. Aegean's cool breeze blowing from the north, vineyards, historical wines, delicious grapes and fresh seafood. So cold but clear sea. Being at the Polente lighthouse at the enchanting sunset and having a glass of conversation with friends…
The race started finally and we jumped the water by running around 70 swimmers hitting each other. My return to Tenedos, aka Bozcaada, started with some enthusiasm… When I lay on the sand with the burst of serotonin and endorphins, I fell into dreams with the ships  offshore under the hot sun…
Of course, Ayazma bay and ships! Exactly 3200 years ago, an Aka fleet lurking right on this beach and gathering hundreds of them was waiting for important news. These were the last trump cards to defeat the Trojans, the enemies they had been fighting for 10 years. A "wooden horse", only on the island of Tenedos, 5 km off the coast on the Anatolian mainland, they hoped that their best warriors in a wooden horse would enter the walls they could not pass from inside and open their doors. As they had hoped, they left a wooden horse as a gift/votive to the gods, giving the impression of being defeated in battle, and just walked away. In the euphoria of victory, the people, having fun inside the walls, which they thought to be impassable, were dancing around the wooden horse, unaware of what would happen to them.
At the Ayazma beach, this mythological story suddenly came to my mind, and in Homer's Iliad, the south coast of Bozcaada, where sacrifices were made and camps were made, was mentioned in the last 54 days of the war. I said what a beach! The fine sands, the slightly cold but clear bottom of the Aegean Sea were very untouched and fascinating with its history going back to 1200 BC.
Every year in early September, there is a vintage festival in Bozcaada, I wish I could come a week earlier, so that I could collect the grapes with tractors, horse carts and watch the shows. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't know that the same day afternoon the 10k race would pass through the famous vineyard as the last 1 or 2km of it was out of breath. Here is Evliya Celebi's travel book, the world's most delicious wine and table Cavus grapes were grown only in the atmosphere of this region for centuries.
The Trojans may have become legends with a wooden horse game, but Bozcaada's beaches continue to shine with its delicious seafood, grapes and all its beauty. Meanwhile, the cookies and desserts on the island have very different island-specific features. Don't settle for just photos and texts, discover them.

Local Guide

Bozcaada castle is located in the north of the island and its walls meet you next to the ferry port in all its glory when you arrive by ferry. The castle and its walls, which are assumed to have been built and used by the Phoenicians, Venetian and Genoese, passed into the hands of the Turks in 1455 during the reign of Mehmet II, the Fatih.
Bozcaada's vineyards, grapes, wines, less humid climate, wind blowing from the north, clayey sandy soil have grown the world-famous and delicious Cavus grapes in these lands for centuries. wine grapes; while the red ones are like Blacksakiz, Karalahna, Shiraz, Charbet Sauvignon… while the white ones are; Like Alphonse, İlkeren, Royal, Usulu…
Vineyard route is a 1 km long walking path where you will have the chance to wander between the tasting places and to be at the lighthouse at sunset, passing through the island-specific Kuntra vines and terraced traditional gardens.
You can spend pleasant hours with your loved ones at the historical Polente Lighthouse at the western end of the island, where there are sunset and Polente lighthouse and 17 windmills. It would be great to have a sunbed, glass and island wine with you. To keep in mind, some of the wine companies may organize tours under the name of sunset tours.
Although I could not find the opportunity to try windsurfing and kitesurfing, I heard that Cayir Mevkii, which has a suitable wind for its enthusiasts, provides a good environment and such trainings are given at Ayazma beach.
You are on a lucky island that rarely allows for Scuba Diving or snorkeling from the shore. I can count Sulubahce and Aquarium Bay and its other name is Marble Cape.
The beaches and coves on the island have uniquely beautiful sand and sea. At Ayazma beach; Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented. It even has a lifeguard. Needs can be met in a few restaurants. Habbele bay and Sulubahce bay beach are more untouched and natural in the same way and 10,15 minutes walking distance to Ayazma bay. I haven't tried coves such as Aquarium, Beylik Bay, Tuzburnu, Poyrazlimani, but I would like to see the turquoise Aquarium marble nose where fish can be seen.


Let's note that when I researched, Bozcaada was selected as the second most beautiful island in the world in 2010 by Conde Nast Traveler magazine and as one of the 8 most beautiful islands in the world in 2012.
Evliya Çelebi is the famous traveller from mid ages who wrote in his travel book that the wines and grapes of the island are the best and the most delicious in the world.
80 percent of the cultivated area on the island is devoted to viticulture.
The Vintage Festival is held in the first week of September every year.
The wind, which is effective on the island, is from the north and is also called Ethezian. Aegean people also know it as Meltem.
In Homer's Iliad, which is the subject of the mythological Trojan war, there are a few mentions with the name Tenedos.
Bozcaada Half Marathon is held in the 2nd week of May and Runtheislandbozcaada in the second week of September.

Tips and Tricks

To come to Bozcaada, you need to reach Canakkale Geyikli ferry port. You can come by minibuses from Canakkale Ezine and Canakkale Center. Let us remind you that there is a return reservation application in the season for those who come with their private car. For this, you need to call 4440752. Please refer to the link for departure times and additional flights.
There are minibuses at the exit of the ferry port to go to the inner parts of Bozcaada; Ayazma beach and Sulubahce, Habbele, Aquarium Bay, Sunset-Polente lighthouse work according to the time of day and season.
You can rent bikes, scooters and ATVs for Bozcaada. There are two companies. Please call Akyüz and Güney to rent a car.
Since I haven't woken up in my own tent, green and blue for a long time, 250 meters from Ayazma and Sulubahçe beaches, the view is as much as its peace; With its restaurant, parking space, bathrooms and toilets, clean and affordable Ada Camping is recommended for camping lovers. Apart from that, the island has natural, calm and attractive accommodation places. For this, you can visit @bozcaadagezginleri social media address.
For dinner, with the recommendation of my local taxi driver, Sükrü Usta Lokantası is the place I would recommend in Cinaralti Tree Square, with the taste of its dishes and the reasonable prices.
I can recommend Meydani Patisserie, which has a full garden even after midnight, for a delicious milk dessert and other varieties.
As a natural delicacy, you should taste table grapes and wines, and delicious seafood such as sardines in grape leaves. It would be good to try island-specific menus such as stuffed calamari and octopus on charcoal. The desserts of the island are also delicious. The milk dessert was great, but its cookies, for example, Bozcaada almonds, cheer up the palate.
I got recommendations for Invino Bozcaada Italian Restaurant, but I couldn't try it. I recommend trying seafood and tapas here.
Don't forget to take a break for yourself with tea and coffee in Cinaralti tree Square.

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